Robotics & STEM (November 2020 -January 2021)

Robotics & STEM (November 2020 -January 2021)

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Technology is a must today.  This course allows students to learn robotics through designing and building their own personal robot.  Students will also engage in group STEM projects to build critical thinking, teamwork, communication,  and creativity skills.  Payment Plan Available.  The first payment includes purchase of Robot.  There is a $10 late fee on payments made after the deadline date.

Grade Level:  4th - 12th Grade

Date:  November 2020 -January 2021


Skillset: Design, build and compete with their robot.  

Benefit:  Students engaging in STEM projects and developing 21st Century employable life skills.

Registration Deadline:  October 14, 2020


Course fees include:  Tuition, Robot, Virtual Competition Registration, and T-Shirt